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Outfit requested: black leotard with thin straps (you can order it from Meliso or buy it from Decathlon), black leggings; hair must be tied up, RG slippers.

Where to purchase equipment?  At the start of the season (date to be determined) the Club organises an in-house sale or from Méliso, our partner.

For the 3-4 and 5-6 year olds, the equipment is for sale during specific lessons (ball and rope).

For 6-8 year olds, children need a rope and a ball (the other equipment is provided by the club).

For 9-12 years and over 12’s, children need a rope, a ball, a ribbon and clubs …. the hoop is provided by the club.

We also have a Facebook group that encourages sharing, exchanges and …..  

Check it out!

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